The East Texas music scenes very own Royal Wedding! Sunday May 19th Chris Rasco and Meredith Crawford were joined in marriage, in what was the most anticipated celebration of the year! We have all seen royal weddings, either in the news or we have sat through an entire wedding on live TV but what we witnessed was far better. This one had live music all day, a fitting ceremony for a couple of our own Rock Stars! Meredith had jokingly said this was going to be a day of 80% music and 20% wedding, well it turned out to be a day of 100% love. Not only blood family but their musical family and friends poured into The Forge Bar and Grill to show their love and support for this beautiful couple. Lol other than love for Chris and Meredith, the main sentiment of the day was “It’s about damn time, this should have happened a long time ago!”

Join us at ETX-Live in congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Rasco, and wishing them the very best!

Congratulations from the ETX-Live family!

Photo Credit📸Toabi’s World

Bobby Cole
Author: Bobby Cole