This is the official Guitar Contest Entry process that does not require any donation. Please follow directions and subscribe to all the sites listed below. Links have been provided. All subscriptions must be completed before your entry is valid and email with user names for verification must be sent before you are eligible to win the prize. See Complete Rules for more info.

  1. Subscribe to the newsletter list
  2. Subscribe to the ETC-live YouTube page
  3. Follow the ETX-Live Facebook page
  4. Subscribe to newsletter list. (remember the $20 donation entry, you’d be done already, FYI).
  5. Subscribe to The Kirbys Music YouTube page
  6. Follow The Kirbys Music Facebook page
  7. Follow The Kirbys Music Instagram page (Just like 6 more and then you gotta email, too so… that $20 donation entry is lookin real good right about now).
  8. Subscribe to Toabi’s World YouTube page
  9. Follow Toabi’s World Facebook page
  10. Subscribe to Big Sandy Music Hall YouTube page 
  11. Follow Big Sandy Music Hall Facebook page
  12. Subscribe to Big Sandy Music Hall email list (Just 1 more and then don’t forget the email! or you can skip it and just donate $20 and be done).
  13. Follow Normal Ordinary Individuals Sounding Extraordinary Facebook page 

Whew! OK – Now you have to email us that you have completed the list and include your user names on each platform so we can check and make sure your entry is complete. If you missed one, or it is not complete, you will not be entered and no notice will be given, so be sure that you have completed all the requirements. Email the info to

OK – You Did It! Good Luck!