Lee Mathis releases “Pieces of me”

Lee Mathis released a new single “Pieces of Me” on all digital platforms on January 14. The song is available for purchase on Apple, Amazon, and for streaming on Spotify & Pandora.

“…best part of all is we’re honored to have our brother, Johnny Griffith (Johnny RINGO) playing keys!” said Mathis in a post on social media. Griffith recorded his parts to several new songs before passing away in May of 2023 after a brief and sudden illness.

Mathis stated in his promotional post on Facebook, “So, grab yourself a glass of whiskey or bourbon (for Ringo), hit play on the new song and enjoy! RINGO!! Thanks to everyone for your support!”

Kate Kirby
Author: Kate Kirby

Kate Kirbys is a singer/songwriter, music educator, and content creator that is 1/2 of The Kirbys: are a husband wife songwriting and performing duo who also operate the Big Sandy Music Hall. The Kirbys also host TNL (Thursday Night Live), a weekly livestream featuring East Texas artists.

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